Press Release – Minister Tahiri: Empowering women is unstoppable

Press release

Minister for dialogue Edita Tahiri, who also is the president of the Regional Women’s Lobby of Southeast Europe (LRGEJL) participated in the regional conference organized by the Regional Women’s Lobby and UN Women with the topic “The role of women mayors in the region as a factor for change “held in Tetovo on 7- 8 November 2016. This conference was also supported by the Norwegian embassy in Pristina. Conference participants were ministers, mayors from the region, LRGEJL’s members and international participants who commit to women’s empowerment, Norwegian and Swedish embassies in Kosovo and UNDP.

Minister Edita Tahiri in her speech said that empowerment of women is unstoppable and that the twenty first century will be remembered as an era of women’s empowerment.

“The position of women in our countries and at the global level is much better than it was before, but we are still not where we intend therefore to be equal with men in political decision making, economic and leadership of peace processes . Agenda on women, peace and security of the UN is a good guide but must be done more to implement it, because women are a strategic value and ready to play the role they deserve. We should have more participation of women in decision making and that the quotas that we have the participation of women in our parliaments should also apply to women’s participation in governance at the national as well as international level, “said Minister Tahiri.

Minister Tahiri said that highly appreciates the role of women mayors that are being visionary and determined to make changes in cities that manage, because there is a need for Europeanized cities where people enjoy living better conditions and where services and infrastructure will facilitate the lives of women. Minister Tahiri proposed that mayors of the Western Balkans to create their own network based on the model of the Regional Women’s Lobby and Lobby offered support for this purpose. She said that regional cooperation not only helps in the exchange of experiences but also to speed up reforms for European and Euro Atlantic integration.

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