Chair of RWLSEE, Former Deputy Primeminister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief Negotiator, Kosovo

Edita Tahiri is former Deputy Primeminister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Dialogue, Minister of Public Administration, Peace Negotiator and Member of Parliament in five terms. She is a key founder and leader of the movement for independence of Kosovo and, was ten years Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo in hard times of liberation of her country (1990-2000). She is the President of reformist party Democratic Alternative of Kosovo (ADK).

She is a leader of independence of Kosova and has long standing career as a leader, politician, diplomat and peace negotiator. She was one of the founders and key leaders of the movement for Kosovo’s independence, the Democratic League of Kosovo, in the years 1991-1999. She is known as one of key protagonists of political changes in Kosovo and the Balkans since the end of Cold War.

She is a distinguished peace negotiator and chief negotiator in war and peace times for Kosovo and Balkan region with about 30 years’ experience. She is recognized as the only women peace negotiator in the Balkans participating in the international peace processes such as the Rambouillet International Peace Conference on Kosovo (1999), Pre-Rambouillet Peace Negotiation (1998), London Conference on Disintegration of Former Yugoslavia (1992)  and Chief Negotiator of Kosovo at the EU facilitated Dialogue on normalization of neighborly relations between Kosovo and Serbia (2011-2017). As the Chief Negotiator of Kosovo in the EU mediated peace talks with Serbia, she is the signatory of first ever-reached agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, after 20 years of peace talks.  

Dedicated to empowerment of women and WPS agenda, she serves as the Chair of the Regional Women’s Lobby in South East Europe for over 12 years. She was participant at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. She is a member of the Women Waging Peace Network and the Mediterranean Network of Women Mediators 

She graduated at the Harvard University and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School for Government in 2002. She also graduated in the Edward S. Mason program for Public Policy and Management, 2002. She holds a doctoral degree in political sciences from Prishtina University in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University –SAIS, in 2011. She was a Fulbright Scholar in 2006/2007 at the Johns Hopkins University – SAIS at the Program for Conflict Resolution. For her academic achievements, she was awarded the title “Outstanding student of 2002” by the John Kennedy School of Government Public Service Fellowship and an “Edward S. Mason Appreciation for an Extraordinary Contribution.”

She has a long-standing experience in foreign policy and security, international relations, conflict resolution, international peace negotiations, post-conflict transitions, peacebuilding, women’s empowerment and WPS agenda. Her geographical expertise covers: Kosovo, Balkans, Europe, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Middle East and North Africa. She has numerous publications as author and coauthor and has been participant and lecturer in numerous international conferences and universities, and appeared with interviews in world news including CNN, BBC, DW, etc. Speaks fluently: Albanian (mother tongue), English, Croatian, Serbian and Turkish



RWLSEE Member, Former Ambassador and Executive Director of Kosovar Gender Studies Center, Kosovo

Luljeta Vuniqi is the founder and the Executive Director of Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC). She has been for the long-time Program Manager of Women’s Programs, Minority Program, Youth and Human Rights Program at the KFOS (Kosova Foundation for Open Society) the Network of Soros Foundations. She is a sociologist and research projects of KGSC are initiated and conducted under her supervision and leadership. She has played an important role in supporting and being active in women’s movement in Kosova. Luljeta is also one of the founders of Kosova Women’s Network and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations Network. She is board member of several local and international organizations as well as member of the Regional Women’s Lobby. She has participated in many programs, conferences and trainings on local, regional and global level.



RWLSEE Member, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Former Member of Parliament, Ambassador and President of Women Parliamentarian Caucus in Kosovo Parliament, Kosovo

Teuta Sahatqija graduated in Prishtina University in Electronic Engineering as one of the best students. From 1999-2004 she was owner and director of private telecommunication company Gjakova. During 1987-1999, she was manager of computer center in a food production company in Gjakova. 1985-1987 Engineer in maintenance in big textile production company in Prizren. Participated and spoken in various international conferences as NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Economic Forum in Krynice, Rome, etc. She was also a member of various Parliamentary delegations during visits to Parliaments to Belgium, Italy, Sweden, France, Greece, Spain, etc. Her political experience is very broad. 

From 2004-2005 she was the first President of ORA Gjakova Branch. Between 2005 -2008 she was the Vice President of RP ORA. From 2004-2007 she has been elected as a member of Parliament, than she was Chair Person of ORA Parliamentary Group, Member of Parliamentary Committee of Economy, Trade, Industry, Telecommunication and Transport, Member of Parliamentary Committee for International Affairs, Member of informal Women Parliamentary Group. During 2008-2010 Ms. Sahatqija has been elected as President of Reformist Party ORA while at 2010 as Vice President of LDK Party. Currently she is a Member of Parliament, First Vice President of Committee in Economic Development and President of Women Parliamentarian Caucus.



RWLSEE Member, Minister of Finance, Former Minister of Trade and Industry, Member of Parliament, Kosovo

Mrs. Hykmete N. Bajrami currently holds a position of Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Transfers, while until  February 2020 she was Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. From 2014 to 2017 she has served as Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Since 2010, Ms. Bajrami has been elected as a member of the LDK in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in four legislatures. During her engagement as an MP, Mrs. Bajrami has been a member of several Parliamentary Committees, such as; the Committee   on Budget and Finance and the Committee for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade, Industry and Regional Development.

Since 2007, Mrs. Bajrami has been an active part of the Council of Experts of the Democratic League of Kosovo, whilst the focus of her contribution was at economic matters. Mrs. Bajrami has many years of experience in important international and local organizations and institutions. In the period 2000-2002, she worked in the Department of Trade and Industry – Pillar IV of the EU / UNMIK. Then, during the period 2003-2007, she worked at the Kosovo Trust Agency, to continue at the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation, until 2009. In 2010, Mrs. Bajrami has been an advisor to the World Bank for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Mrs. Bajrami completed her basic studies in 2000, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina, Department of Management and Informatics, where she was a scholarship holder of the foundation “Xhavit Ahmeti” and was awarded the prize “Distinguished Student” from the University of Prishtina. She completed her master’s degree at Staffordshire University in England in 2003 as a scholarship holder at OSI-FCO-Staffordshire University. In 2011, she completed her doctoral studies at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economics. She is the author of several academic thesis and scientific articles published in various international journals.



RWLSEE Member, Former Member of Parliament, Kosovo

Mrs. XHEVAHIRE IZMAKU was born on 15.08.1971 in the city of Vushtrri. She graduated on Albanian literature and language at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Prishtina. She continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Tirana where she earned the scientific degree of PhD of Communication Sciences

She worked as a professor and was engaged within the KMLDNJ as a human rights activist.

With the beginning of the war in Kosovo, in the years 1998-1999, she took an active part in helping the population endangered by the massacres also being in service of freedom fighters, by reporting for various Albanian and international agencies, as a war zone reporter. Then in the years 1999 – 2002 she continued working as a journalist-reporter on RTV 21 (private medium in Kosovo). 

Mrs. Xhevahire Izmaku, also has a rich political experience, being an MP for 3 terms during the years 2010 – 2019, but also part of many local institutions.

As an MP, she has been the Chairwoman of the committees for drafting the main laws related to the media in Kosovo, which are still in force. She is known as a poet, and as the owner and founder of cultural organizations of national character. She published articles in the daily and periodical press, as well as a considerable number of opinions and columns related to the culture, media and the functioning of the state administration in Kosovo. She is also the writer of 4 volumes of poetry, and a member of the Writers’ League of Kosovo.  



RWLSEE Member, Member of Parliament, Kosovo

Time Kadrijaj is an active politician since the 80s, and the vice president of the “Alliance for the Future of Kosovo”. She is an elected MP for the fourth term. During this time, she has been part of many parliamentary committees including Committee on Health, European Integration, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs Diaspora and Rural Development. Currently, she is Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. Mrs. Kadriaj graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, with specialization in gynecology, and attended the school for European integration and the diplomatic academy.

In the 90’s, she worked at the humanitarian association “Mother Teresa” as a volunteer doctor.

After the war she was director of the main family medicine center in Deçan for three years and member of the municipal assembly for one term.

She worked in the Ministry of Health as Deputy Chief Inspector and then as Acting Chief Inspector. 

Currently, while being an MP, and in addition to amending the laws, her focus is also on human rights, and particularly on women’s rights. “We work closely with NGOs and other organizations to strengthen the role of women”. She is a member of Regional Women’s Lobby of the SEE since 2018.



RWLSEE Member, Executive Directress, Gender Training and Research Center (GTRC), Former Government Official, Kosovo

Over 21 years involved in women’s human rights activities, Arjeta built strong leadership and voice for the protection of women´s rights and gender equality in Kosovo.

Professional experience in identification, formulation, management, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects Arjeta is known as a supporter of the women’s organizations, women in politics and women in general not only in Kosovo but in entire western Balkan’s countries.

She contributed on strengthening cooperation among women’s NGOs, networks, and women in different sectors (political, public, civil society, media, business, etc.) and facilitated strategic partnerships between experts, gender equality advocates and public and governmental institutions in all SEE countries.

In spring, 2010 Arjeta was appointed a Political Adviser to the Minister of Public Administration and from 2011 was a Senior Political Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for issues relating to foreign policy and national security. From 2011- 2017, Mrs. Rexha was Political Adviser to Minister for Dialogue / Head and Chief Negotiator Ms. Edita Tahiri and Political coordinator for the five Brussels Agreement issues.

She holds a Master Degree in Political Sciences – Section of Diplomacy at the University of Southeast Europe.

Arjeta Rexhaj was born on August 19, 1972 in Peja. Speaks fluently Albanian and English.