Local peacebuilding

We believe that peacebuilding is a complex and long-term engagement, thus we work in building long-term relationships of trust between individuals and communities with bottom –up approach. For this purpose, we provide local peacebuilding and community building projects focused on municipalities of multiethnic composition in Kosovo and other focus countries. (Localization of 1325). Our projects aim at responding to the persistent challenges of local women’s empowerment and local peacebuilding having in mind their key importance for the overall sustainable peace at national and regional level. Through our regional platforms we give voice and agency to local women leaders and try to establish the missing links local and national governments. Our goal is to promote a gender inclusive local peacebuilding in Kosovo and other focus countries in the region.

We also provide support for regional cooperation of women mayors who are regularly part of our local peacebuilding projects. RWLSEE initiated and facilitated creation of the Association of Women Mayors in the Western Balkans in 2017, and we continue to support their work.

Our focus involves increasing the role of local women in promoting peace processes and implementation of Brussels peace agreements. In this regard, strategic dialogues will continue between women representatives of different communities in the Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo, to build peace and inter-ethnic harmony and integration.

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