Capacitating young women for leadership and mediation

We are dedicated to transforming young women’s potential into leaders, mediators and peacebuilders, and to help closing intergenerational in line with our mission for gender equality, WPS agenda, generation equality platform and sustainable development goals.

We are embarking in the new mission of capacity building through the Regional Academy for Women leadership and Mediation of RWLSEE, which will be lunched soon. This capacity building project aims to capacitate and encourage young women for politics, leadership and mediation. It has a regional scope and will include young women (aged 18-30) from diverse communities of seven focus countries in Western Balkans. The strategic objective is to help women increase their capacities in politics, peace and security processes, to be involved in regional networking and learn from women senior leaders of the region and international experts about importance, challenges and opportunities for engaging in politics and peacebuilding. It also aims to help closing intergenerational gap which exists because of the minimal interest of young women to engage in politics and narrow opportunity for them. Specific objective will be to capacitate young women to play a role and influence gender inclusive socio-economic recovery from COVID-19, having in mind impacts of pandemics in worsening gender and other inequalities. Expected result of this project is to promote a higher degree of involvement of young women in politics and peacebuilding.

For more, see our Academy on Capacity Building – RAWLM.