Empowering women in politics, decision making and peacebuilding

Our mission is to empower women in politics and leadership ensuring equal participation of women in women decision making, democratic governance, peacebuilding and in advancing WPS agenda. We believe this the only way towards sustainable peace, democracy, stability, and prosperity in our post-conflict region of the Western Balkans and beyond. Gender equality and the political empowerment of women are key elements for the consolidation of sustainable democracies worldwide. Women should be equal with men in deciding for a better future for all.

Underrepresentation of women in politics, governments and parliaments continues, while empowerment processes show unsustainable, once more displayed by pandemics COVID-19. Women’s leadership and political participation are limited at both national and local levels, starting in political parties, leading positions, in elected office, the civil service to the private sector or academia. This despite their proven capacities as leaders and agents of change, their rights to equal participation in democratic governance and their significant legacy in peacemaking in times of wars in the Balkans. Despite some progress, we are far from real change. We are committed to change this reality and achieve gender equality.

RWLSEE works on translation of gender and peace commitments into effective regional policies. We analyze the current status of women and mechanisms for fostering gender equality and women’s political participation and representation in decision-making; addresses the political and peacebuilding challenges situation in seven focus countries and entire region; identify specific challenges; and make policy recommendations on removing barriers and promoting gender equality and the political empowerment of women, and  democratic governance and peacebuilding.

RWLSEE presents policy recommendations and statements as an instrument to inform policymakers and relevant actors on what is the current situation of gender equality, WPS agenda and political and security situation in the region, what has been done in terms of the political empowerment of women, and what is expected to be done in order to successfully advance peacebuilding, democracy building and Sustainable development goals Goal 5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.

Our platforms include international conferences, regional roundtables, political and inter-ethnic dialogues at regional, national, and local levels. They are specifically designed to address issues affecting women’s agenda, good governance and peacebuilding agenda in countries and region. We bringing together women politicians, members of parliaments, government officials and civil society representatives from across the Western Balkans and representatives of international organizations, UN Women and other UN agencies for sharing ideas and experiences from the region and best practices worldwide in support of mobilizing women to participate in politics and peacebuilding, amplifying regional women’s voice and perspectives and promoting regional cooperation.

We are guided by the landmark United Nations Security Resolution 1325 in 2000, which proclaimed the essential role of women in decision making, in prevention and resolution of conflicts and emphasized their equal participation in the promotion of peace and security. Our work is a contribution to accelerate implementation of this resolution and other relevant international instruments for the purpose of gender inclusive future.

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