Criteria for Membership


All members selected on the basis of the membership criteria adopted by the founding members. Members contribute on an individual basis and not as representatives of the institution they are affiliated with. Names of potential new members can be offered by any member in good standing and will be agreed upon in consultation with others.

New members will be invited to join RWL based on the following criteria:

  • Acceptance of the RWL common principles/values
  • Contribution to community and a record of public involvement
  • Involvement in local, regional, and international networks dealing with women, peace and security
  • Active participation in official politics within her own government, including involvement in pressing forward a woman’s human rights agenda
  • Diversity of experiences in politics, civil society, and by age, ethnicity, class and religion
  • Demonstrated commitment to dedicate time and resources to the work of RWL.

Members of the Steering Committee

Each country will choose its representative to the Steering Committee based on consensus with one member serving as Chair. If consensus cannot be reached a decision may be made by draw. The members of the secretariat will rotate every second year.

Members of Advisory Board

International figures of prominence who support the mission and strategies of the RWL and can be mobilized for help on particular issues. Any member of the RWL or the advisory board can suggest a new member for the board, to be agreed upon in consultation with all. Letters of invitation to the Advisory Board would be issued by the Chair of the RWL.