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Dear President Sampaio:

Thank you so much for inviting the RWL to participate at the UNAOC Conference in Sarajevo in December.  This conference not only reaffirmed the commitment of leaders of the region for strengthening the civilization dialogue but also resulted in concrete strategies in this regard. RWL finds itself as a natural part of this endeavor as our mission is similar and with the added value that we want to see women playing a greater role in the alliance of civilizations and other relevant fields of peace building.

I very much appreciate your taking the time to meet with Nuna Zvizic and myself and discuss the future plans of the Regional Women’s Lobby and shared objectives on which our potential cooperation could be based.

I am forwarding with this note the work plan of the RWL for 2010 and I hope that you will be able to review it and explore the possibility of supporting us on some activities. RWL is currently searching for funding opportunities in order to fulfill this work plan. I also would like to propose a joint project between UNAOC and RWL focused on the role of women in strengthening Alliance on Civilization in our region and beyond.

Thank you again for cooperation, and I look forward to advance it in coming period.


Edita Tahiri

RWL Chair

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