Sonja Biserko is a prominent leader and reformist well- known for her courageous and extraordinary contribution for democratic changes in her country and the region of Southeastern Europe.

She is the Chairperson of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia. Among the founders of the European Movement in Yugoslavia, the Center for Anti-war Action, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and the Forum for International Relations. Worked on a variety of civil and human rights programs; Helsinki Watch, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, UN Center for Human Rights, Mazowiecki’s mission and the Tribunal in The Hague. Ms. Biserko organized the first opposition meeting in the former Yugoslavia, Geneva 1991. One of the most strategic projects she has been engaged in was the return of refugees, especially Serbs from Croatia. She was actively engaged in Kosovo issue since 90s. More than ten years engaged in the projects Dealing with Past. She closely worked with Geoffrey Nice’s team on Milosevic’s trial, as well as in other cases in The Hague Tribunal. She has a vast expertise in human rights, peace processes and justice stemming for her visionary political thinking and critical thinking capacities. She was participant in Eric Lane Fellowship, Clare College, Cambridge, UK in 2012, Senior Fellow, US Institute for Peace, Washington D.C. in 2001. She was a member of the UN Commission on inquiry on the DPR Korea 2013-2014.

Author of several books Serbia in the Orient, Conspiracy Against Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia’s Implosion; Conspiracy Against Yugoslavia; author of regular editorials in the Helsinki Charter, editor and coeditor of number of books, including Srebrenica: From Denial to Confession; Milosevic vs. Yugoslavia;, Bosnia: the Core of the Great Serbian Project; Yugoslavia: Collapse, War, CrimeVukovar Tragedy; Seselj Trial; contributed articles to a variety of specialized and other magazines.

She has a number of awards for humans rights work, including by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, NY;  the Weimar Award;  the Eitinger Award of the Oslo University; Honorary Citizenship of Sarajevo;  nominated within the 1,000 Women for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize; Majka Tereza medal for humanitarian activities. She holds a BA in Economics, School of Economics, University of Belgrade, 1970.

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