Mediation in track two peace processes

RWLSEE provides a mediation services in track two peace process in support of peace processes in the region. Our comparative advantage is that mediation we offer is of regional character, thus providing regional experience sharing (from our membership) in searching for solutions.

The RWLSEE’s track two peace process between women politicians and parliamentarians from Kosovo and Serbia, with participation of women from region, in support of the Brussels Dialogue on normalization of neighborly relations between Kosovo and Serbia takes place for over 9 years. It has continued even in times when official track one peace process of the Brussels Dialogue was stalled in past two years (2017-2019), by showing that breakthrough is possible when vision and peace reason prevails.

This joint peace journey of women started with big difficulties and under polarized atmosphere, however in many years of this negotiation exercise it not only has produced greater mutual understanding but also shaped the dialogue approach into one of trust and rapprochement. It narrowed down differences and broadened the views on possible peaceful outcomes.

This regional mediated track two peace process demonstrates how women across borders and ethnic lines can go beyond party lines to think and discuss more for future then for past. They show commitment to peacebuilding and call for a meaningful inclusion of women in formal peace processes and gender inclusive peace agreements while highlight relevance of genuine implementation of peace agreements.

RWSEE will continue to support regional dialogues between women parliamentarians in support of ongoing peace processes in the region.

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