Chronology of RWLSEE Key Meetings & Activities

Chronology of Events

September, 2020: RWLSEE members have organized and participated in a wide range of events and conferences organized by different actors and organizations; only a few key external conferences are listed in this overview. Similarly, the RWLSEE has issued more press statements than are listed below. Strategy Meetings marked with a star (★) are considered cornerstones of RWLSEE’s development.

December 12–15, 2005Initial Consultation ‘Women’s Security and Rights in a Changing Region’Dubrovnik, Croatia
July 17–19, 2006Founding Meeting UNIFEM convenes a founding meeting to follow up on the 2005 Initial consultation, and the RWLSEE is officially established. Members who participated in the founding meeting are considered the 18 founding members.Zagreb, Croatia
September 9–10, 2006UNIFEM convenes a meeting ‘Negotiation Processes and Beyond: Women’s Summit for Sustainable Peace in Southeast Europe’Vienna, Austria
September 9–10, 2006★ RWLSEE Strategy Meeting RWLSEE workshop to develop a Strategy and Action plan.Vienna, Austria
September 11, 2006RWLSEE and UNIFEM meet Martti Ahtisaari, UN Special Envoy for the Kosovo status process, and present a memorandum signed by all members outlining gender‑responsive principles to use in negotiations on Kosovo’s status and support for the independence of KosovoVienna, Austria
April 19–20, 2007★ RWLSEE Strategy Meeting: RWLSEE meets to develop a Strategy for Action, identifies need for Coordinator to provide administrative support, issues a press statement to Serb leaders about censoring documents, writes to UN Security Council to request a meetingVienna, Austria
April 29, 2007Meeting with Ambassadors on a UN Security Council fact‑finding mission to Kosovo to lobby for inclusion of UNSCR 1325 in the new Security Council resolution for KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
September 20, 2007RWLSEE and UNIFEM delegation met in Vienna with Martti Ahtisaari, UN Special Envoy for the Vienna talks on status of Kosovo and demanded that woman’s needs to be included in status negotiations.Vienna, Austria
November 5–6, 2007RWLSEE SC Members participated in the international symposium ‘Shaping our European Future” organized by foreign Minister of Austria; also met and lobbied  with Troika mediators for Vienna status talks on Kosovo, representatives from the EU, the United States and Russia.Vienna, Austria
April 20, 2008Meeting with Ahtisaari in ViennaVienna, Austria
April 17-19, 2008★ RWLSEE Strategy and Planning Meeting. RWLSEE Chair has been elected unanimously.Istanbul, Turkey
October 2–7, 2008RWLSEE Members participate in the conference ‘Women in the Security Sector: UNSCR 1325’Podgorica, Montenegro
October 27–29, 2008RWLSEE International Conference ‘A Secure Future for our Region: What does it take? Women leaders speak out’ RWLSEE makes its first public appearance at the event; widely covered in the media with guest speakers including the President of Kosovo; RWLSEE adopts Declaration on Women, Peace and Security (to be presented to the UN Security Council) and issues related press statement on 30 OctoberPristina, Kosovo
October 29–30, 2008★ Strategy Meeting RWLSEE members meet on first day and visit Serbian women in North Kosovo for inter‑ethnic dialogue on second day; RWLSEE created website and e‑mail listPristina with three site visits, Kosovo
October 30–31, 2008RWLSEE members participate in discussions held by RECOM1 Transitional Justice ProjectPristina, Kosovo
November 14–16, 2008Attending the Freja Forum, RWLSEE members ran a stand, led two workshops and participated in a panel discussion on using the EU integration process to increase equal opportunities.Zagreb, Croatia
November 18, 2008Press statement opposing Six‑Point Plan on KosovoKosovo
December 5, 2008RWLSEE presented at regional round table in Zagreb on Women, Peace and Security; RWLSEE members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia attended a round table on gender and security that attracted media attention to the RWLSEE.Zagreb, Croatia
February 12–20, 2009Steering Committee Meeting Plans are made for press conferences related to elections, participation in external conferences, and new research‑based publications on national plans for UNSCR 1325 and women in governmentConference call, SEE
March 2009Advisory Board expandedKosovo
September 1, 2009★ RWLSEE Steering Committee Meeting with Advisory Board Members. At the first meeting with the Board, the Strategic Plan and Action Plan are discussed and approved, with provision for fundraising; high‑level government representatives from Croatia’s Office of the President attend the opening reception; women politicians contact UNIFEM to learn more after media coverage. Consequently, RWLSEE developed its Action Plan with its four goals: reacting to political developments in the region, security, empowering women, and strengthening the RWLSEEZagreb, Croatia
October 14, 2009RWL successfully lobbies to include its perspective in Croatian Ambassador’s statement to Security Council in 1325 annual open debate, delivered by AmbassadorSEE
November 23, 2009RWLSEE members attended the  conference hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway on UNSCR 1325 indicatorsOslo, Norway
December 14, 2009RWLSEE members meet with United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) President Jorge Sampaio and representatives of the Council of Europe, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of UNAOC Albania, Director of Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in South‑East EuropeSarajevo, BiH
March 1-3, 2010★ Steering Committee Meeting Plans are made for the 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 activities in June and October and a hearing of RWLSEE in the European Parliament; the importance of regular RWLSEE meetings is emphasizedTirana, Albania
March, 2011RWLSEE Coordinator hiredPrishtina, Kosovo
June 7, 2010Global Open Day (GOD) on Women, Peace and Security RWLSEE members organized complementary meetings on UNSCR 1325 in four countries, often with high‑level participation by government representatives and policymakersBosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia
June 10, 2010RWLSEE officially registered as NGO in Prishtina, Kosovo with support of UN WomenPrishtina, Kosovo
June 28, 2010RWLSEE Regional Conference ‘Women and Peace building in the Western Balkans’ RWLSEE Published Women in Peace building: 10 Years of UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Lessons Learned from its Implementation ‘and issued a Conference Declaration with recommendations; UN agencies presentSkopje, Macedonia
June 29, 2010★ RWLSEE Strategy MeetingSkopje, Macedonia
July 20, 2010Global Open Day (GOD) on Women, Peace and Security; RWLSEE members organized a complementary meeting on UNSCR 1325 were it has been ensured that the views of the RWL will be considered in drafting the National Action Plan (NAP)Zagreb, Croatia
30 September 2010RWLSEE publishes ‘Progress Report on Implementing UNSCR 1325 in Southeast EuropeSEE
October 25, 2010RWLSEE Chair participates in UNDP panel in New York for 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325: ‘Financing for gender equality in post‑conflict recovery and reconstruction’. Participation was funded by the UNDP Gender Team, and RWLSEE Chair attended several meetings with decision makers at UNDPNew York, UNDP Headquarters
October 31, 2010Press conferences organized in all seven RWLSEE countries to mark 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325SEE
November 27–28, 2010★ Strategic Planning Meeting of RWLSEE RWLSEE prepares for transition to an independent regional NGO and creates new Strategic PlanVienna, Austria
December 8, 2010RWLSEE publishes Concept Note defining outcomes and activities related to achieving resultsSEE
December 15, 2010RWLSEE SEE publishes and distributes Policy Brief No. 3, ‘Drafting and Adopting National Action Plans for the Implementation of Resolution 1325 in the Countries of Southeast Europe’Regionally distributed
June 30, 2011★ Strategy Meeting RWLSEE organized and facilitated dialogue between women Members of Parliament from Kosovo and Serbia, and issued a declaration on dialogue between Pristina and BelgradeBudva, Montenegro
July 8, 2011RWLSEE Chairwoman participates in UNDP panel at the Women’s World Congress about financing for gender equality in post‑conflict recovery and reconstruction; funded by UNDPOttawa, Canada
July 8, 2011Annual Baseline Report on Women’s Security Situation in South East Europe Implementation of UN SCR 1325 in the Western Balkans. Contract signed with Helsinki Committee; whose Executive director is RWL Member from SerbiaBelgrade, Serbia
September 6, 2011Agreement with UNDP for developing Knowledge product on RWLSEEPrishtina, Kosovo
September, 2011RWLSEE in Montenegro advocated for an electoral law in Montenegro to include a quota for women’s participation; the quota provision was adopted in September 2011Podgorica, Montenegro
October, 2011Successful financial lobbying activities with Finland Embassy in Prishtina, Kosovo. Funds have been granted.Prishtina, Kosovo
October, 2011October, RWLSEE Web site upgradedPrishtina, Kosovo
October, 2011OSCE Conference in Sarajevo, RWL Member from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Director of an NGO, Žene Ženama participated to a two-day conference organized by OSCE Gender Section to discuss how to improve the implementation of UNSCR 1325Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
December 9–10, 2011★ Steering Committee meeting addressed strategic development of the RWLSEE, the security situation and a stronger role for women in the Euro‑Atlantic integration process. Also, a session with UNDP gender team in New York and UNDP Kosovo to discuss the development of the knowledge product/document to be financed and coordinated by UNDPIstanbul, Turkey
April 11, 2012With the invitation from UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilization, H.E. Jorge Sampaio two RWLSEE Steering Committee members (Serbia and BiH) attended 2nd UNAOC Alliance of Civilization’s Regional Conference for South‑East EuropeBelgrade, Serbia
June 13, 2012RWLSEE SEE organized a Regional round table: ‘Dialogue between Women in Kosovo’ with assistance of UN Women and funding of the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo. The round table focused on the dialogue between Albanian women and Serbian women from the northern part of Kosovo. RWLSEE members from the region participated, showing by example that it is possible to bridge the existing divides.Prevalla, Kosovo
June 25–26, 2012RWLSEE members attended the International conference ‘Cetinje Parliamentary Forum: Women, Peace and Security – Two Years Later’ organized by the Parliamentary Committee for Gender Equality in Montenegro, chaired by RWLSEE Steering Committee member, Montenegro, funded by UN Women and the Government of Montenegro.Budva, Montenegro  
July 7–9, 2012RWLSEE Chair attended International Women’s Leadership Forum organized under the auspices of the Mongolian Presidency of the Community of DemocraciesUlan Bator, Mongolia  
October 4–6, 2012RWLSEE members attended International Women’s Summit ‘Partnership for Change – Empowering Women’ organized in Brussels, by the President of Kosovo. The summit, attended by more than 200 international and regional leaders from various sectors, resulted in the Pristina Principles – a resolution put together by the participants of the summit  Brussels, Belgium
October 18–19, 2012RWLSEE Regional Conference ‘Women in Peace building: Access to Justice for Women in Post Conflict Countries’ outlined main topics discussed which were: the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in the region, European integration processes, corruption and crime, and access to justice for survivors of sexual violence against women in war.  Joint Conference Declaration outlining key recommendations were adopted. The Conference was held with the financial support of UN Women Regional Office, under the direct auspices of the President of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic, who also officially opened the Conference, and the government of Croatia.  Zagreb, Croatia
October 19, 2012★RWLSEE Annual Strategy Meeting were RWLSEE updated its strategy and adopted a set of conclusions to facilitate the functioning of the RWLSEE.Zagreb, Croatia
November 17–18, 2012RWLSEE delegation lobbied intensively for the inclusion of women in peace negotiations, and for support for the work of the RWLSEE, with the European External Action Service, including the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, Directorate General for Enlargement, Members of the European Parliament and other relevant actors.Brussels, Belgium
December 10, 2012RWLSEE facilitated dialogue between women Members of Parliament from Kosovo and Serbia with the funding support of UN Women and the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo. Five MPs from Kosovo and four from Serbia participated, while RWLSEE members and representatives of UN Women and the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo fostered the talks, whose specific objective was to build confidence and strengthen communication between these two groups of women parliamentariansIstanbul, Turkey
January 27-28, 2013RWLSEE Chair and Deputy Prime Minister of Kosova Edita Tahiri participated in the US State Department organized Conference in Doha titled “The role of women in Syria’s transition to a peaceful democracy“Doha, Qatar
March 26, 2013RWLSEE organized the III‑rd Roundtable discussion: “Dialogue for Normalizing Relations – Perspectives of Women in Kosovo” where the focus was to provide a voice to women in Kosova on the ongoing Dialogue on normalization of relations between Kosova and Serbia, facilitated by EU. The event was funded by Embassy of Finland in Kosovo.Pristina, Kosovo
May 24-25, 2013Regional Roundtable “The Implementation of the Agreement for Normalizing the Relations Between Kosovo and Serbia” sought to discuss and determine, among others: next steps needed to be undertaken following the agreement including the modalities to ensure its implementation; identification of various strategies to enhance the involvement of women of Northern Mitrovica in the implementation of the agreement; identification of media strategies to raise awareness among the public through inter‑ethnic debates on the recently‑signed deal. Funded with Finland Embassy, KosovoDurres, Albania
23 April, 2013Press release: RWLSEE hails the agreement on normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, facilitated by EURegionally distributed
November 23-25, 2013★ Strategic Planning Meeting of Steering Committee Members of RWLSEE and Dialogue convened by RWLSEE Women and the European perspective of the region: Role of women in supporting implementation of peace and normalization Agreement between Pristina and Belgrade” in which women in politics from Pristina and Belgrade and other RWLSEE member countries were supported by UN Women to engage in a dialogue and to contribute to major ongoing political processes within the framework of the recently signed the EU facilitated Agreement on normalizations of relations between Kosovo and Serbia with aim of advancing all countries in the region in the European integration. Funded by Swedish Government, Embassy in Kosovo, jointly with UNDP Kosovo.Istanbul, Turkey
March 21, 2014Deputy prime minister of Kosovo Edita Tahiri meets Anne Marie Esper Larsen, UN Women Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia accompanied by Flora Macula, UN Women Director for KosovoPristina, Kosovo
September 18‑20, 2014★Strategic meeting of all RWL SEE Members and International Conference were more than 70 prominent women politicians and civil society activ‑ ists from the Western Balkans gathered on 18‑19 September 2014 for the 4th International Conference “On the Road to Empowering Women in Politics, Peace Processes and EU Integration” to discussed and agree on a set of recommendations on how to increase the role of women in the peace and security process in the region and political decision‑making and EU Integration.  Funded by Swedish Government and Embassy in KosovoSaranda, Albania
Feb 28-March 1, 2015★ Strategic Workshop of RWLSEE worked on strategic planning, development of work plan and communications strategy for RWLSEE for three upcoming years of 2015‑2018. The Operations Strategy and Logical framework that articulates the Lobby’s priority areas for three year strategy has been set. This strategy is also be used as fundraising tool for the activities of RWLSEE for three years action plan. Funded by UN Women, KosovoBudva, Montenegro
May 13, 2015Local Peace Building meeting in Kosova. Interethnic dialogue with women from the northern municipalities discussed main concerns regarding the implementation of the Brussels Agreement with women politicians from Kosovo and Serbia. The main goal of the roundtable was to give women of local level voice on Brussels dialogue.  The presence of these women at the roundtable was seen of utmost importance as it was the first time in the history of the Brussels Agreement where, women representatives of the concerned northern municipalities had the opportunity to directly exchange with Kosovo chief negotiator / RWLSEE Chair. Funded by Swedish Government and EmbassyMitrovica, Kosovo
July 21‑22, 2015Two interethnic dialogue roundtables brought together women of different ethnic communities in Kosovo and women from the re‑ gion of Western Balkans, municipalities of Gracanica and Novo Brdo on 21st and 22nd July 2015. Both meetings provided forum for discussion and recommendations on the issues of women empowerment in local level, particularly women of Albanian majority and Serb minority. Funded by Finland Embassy, KosovoGracanica, Novo Brdo / Kosovo
October 16, 2015The Regional Conference “Importance and role of women in Macedonia and European Integration: A dialogue among women leaders in politics in Macedonia and region”, was held. The conference marked a step forward in our goals to have women play a vital role in peace and security processes in the region, and to speed up the European integration of all countries in region.Skopje, Macedonia
December 9, 2015Regional Conference “Empowering women for Regional Stability” on how to increase the role of women in the politics and decision making and how to develop further interethnic dialogue for advancing women’s empowerment. The overarching goal was to empower women’s role in speeding up European Integration for Kosovo and Western Balkan countries (WB). Funded by Swedish Embassy. Prishtina, Kosovo
December 10, 2015In continuation of interethnic dialogues financed by Finland Embassy Kosovo, third roundtable brought together women of different ethnic communities in Kosovo and women from the region of Western Balkans in municipality of Shtrpce, Kosovo for peace building purposes. The meeting provided forum for discussion and recommendations on the issues of women’s empowerment in local level, particularly women of Albanian majority and Serb minority.Shtrpce, Kosovo
March 11, 2016Final Conference “Kosovo Women working together for European Integration “of RWL SEE were held in partnership with UN Women and with the funding support of the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Conference summarized the recommendations of three roundtables held in Gracanica, Novo Novoberdo and ShtrpcePrishtina, Kosovo
October, 2017Successful fundraising efforts with Sweden Government for one year Project during 2018, in KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
November 7, 2016Regional Conference on “Women in decision-making at local level / Role of women mayors as potential agents of change”. RWL SEE in close partnership and with funding support from UN Women and with support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina, Kosovo was held. The goal of this Conference was to address Gender and Peace-building and security issues at local and regional level and the role of female mayors as potential agents of change around the topic of women equality, political empowerment and interethnic harmony.Tetovo, Macedonia
 ★ Steering committee Meeting 
Nov 22 –23, 2017.RWLSEE Chair, Edita Tahiri, participated as a speaker on Women, Peace and Security agenda at the first “Ukrainian Women’s Congress” invited by UN Women Ukraine and funded by UN Women in Kosovo.Kyiv, Ukraine
December 08-09, 2017RWLSEE in close partnership and with the financial support of UN Women and the Swedish Government held Steering Committee Meeting & Roundtable on Peace Building Efforts at Municipal level. Around 40 participants discussed and presented their observations on the political and security situation on their countries and the region and ways of further empowerment of women’s role in helping better peace and stability in the region and its Euro-Atlantic future. They also focused on increasing the role of women in peace building and security at municipal level in Kosovo and member countries of the RWLSEE.Prishtina, Kosovo
January 1, 2018Successful fundraising efforts for 1-year Project activities with Swedish Government and its Embassy in Kosovo. Funds have been granted to RWLSEE administered through UN Women. Prishtina, KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
January 29-30, 2018RWL SEE in close partnership and with the financial support of UN Women and the Swedish Government, held meetings with women from the municipalities of Partesh and Kllokot, as well as other Kosovo municipalities, to discuss women’s empowerment and participation in peace building at the local level. The aim of the meetings was to include more women from different Kosovo communities in an inter-ethnic dialogue and peace processes in line with the UN Security Council resolution 1325 in order to advance women, peace and security agenda with a focus on municipalities in Kosovo.  Prishtina, Kosovo
Feb 16, 2018RWLSEE Chair participation at the Expert Event- The role of National Action Plans in promoting the Women, Peace and Security AgendaLjubljana, Slovenia
March 5, 2018RWLSEE Chair handed to UN the RWLSEE Letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres demanding the international justice for women raped during the wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and CroatiaNey York, USA
May 16-17, 2018RWLSEE Chair, Ms. Edita Tahiri attend UN Women Expert Group Meeting on Women’s Meaningful Participation in Negotiating Peace and the Implementation of Peace Agreements will take place at UN Women Headquarters in New YorkNew York, USA
June 14, 2018 RWLSEE jointly with UN Women in Kosovo and in close cooperation with Council for Inclusive Governance (CIG), organized a one-day International Dialogue “Fostering dialogue between women politicians from Kosovo and Serbia”  Women politicians, parliamentarians and civil society from countries in the region and UN Women representatives called for a greater role of women in peace processes and European Integration in the region of Western Balkans.Budva, Montenegro
 Steering Committee Meeting 
September 15, 2018In the Regional Roundtable “Women, Regional Cooperation and European Integration (Phase II), RWLSEE members with participation of women parliamentarians from Kosovo and Serbia have unanimously adopted the Declaration against change of borders in the region, considering it as a dangerous idea threatening peace and stability in the Balkans. The declaration calls on speeding up the European integration of all six Western Balkan countries, as a way for sustainable peace and development.Durres, Albania
November 16, 2018In the International Conference “Meaningful participation of women in peace building in Western Balkans: Sustaining peace, development and European Integration through women’s empowerment” women politicians, members of parliaments, diplomats and civil society representatives from across the Western Balkans together with UN Women, made a strong call for women’s equal participation in peace and security processes. The conference in Istanbul, highlighted the under representation of women in peace building and democratic governance in the Balkans. Women shared their visions, experiences, challenges, and successes and agreed on common goals. They identified obstacles hindering the peace building processes and reconciliation, agreed to withstand them.Istanbul, Turkey
November 17, 2018★ Annual Meeting of RWLSEE Members, funded by MFA SwedenIstanbul, Turkey
February 26-28, 2019Bilateral meetings with member of RWL SEE for the strengthening of RWL SEE branch in Albania The event was funded by MFA Sweden. 
March 10, 2019★ Strategic Meeting of RWLSEE Steering Committee Members, funded by UN KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
March 11, 2019The RWLSEE, jointly with UN and UN Women launched a new project on Capacity Building for Women in Mediation, considered essential to peace building efforts in the region with the role of women at the center. Conceptual design workshop with geographical focus of the project in the long term  to be the entire western Balkan region, .adopted a bottom-up approach and a regional perspective to peace building, building on the extensive experience in conflict resolution in the region. Participants discussed the needs and expectations for mediation training and to agree on a methodology for rolling out such training, which aims at developing negotiation / mediation skills to advance trust building and peace building. The event was funded by UN KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
March  2019In March this year, RWLSEE Chair had a meeting in UN with Pamela Patten, Deputy UNSG in charge of issues of war rape of women, together with the Head of UN Women ECA Alia El-Yassir. In this meeting RWL requested support and presented the Letter of RWLSEE to UNSG Antonio Guterres seeking international justice for women raped in wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia and, the Petition of Kosovo Citizens seeking international justice for women raped during the war in KosovoNew York, USA
July 16-18, 2019RWLSEE Chair and Coordinator jointly with International Expert, tasked to design the Regional Women Academy for Leadership and Mediation (RWALM) held the workshop for drafting the Budget of the RWLSEE Academy / Budget for RAWLM was prepared and face to face meeting for revisiting the design of the RAWLM in order to accurately estimate the required budget according to strategic priorities were implemented. The event was funded by MFA Sweden.Tirana, Albania
September 21, 2019On the International Day of Peace, representatives of local women from multi-ethnic municipalities in Kosovo, women mayors from the region of Western Balkans, the RWLSEE Steering Committee members, CSOs, representatives of the Kosovo Ministry of Local Government Administration, Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo, UN Women and other UN Agencies in Kosovo gathered on the Regional Roundtable entitled “Community Level Peace building in Kosovo”. Women made a strong call for improving the empowerment of women in peace building and decision making at local levels stating that women are peace drivers, who contribute to a better future. The event was hosted by the Regional Women’s Lobby in South East Europe (RWLSEE) and UN Women Kosovo, with support from Swedish Government and Swedish Embassy in Kosovo.Prishtina, Kosovo
October 15, 2018Bilateral meetings with member of RWL SEE for the strengthening of RWL SEE branch in Kosovo.  The event was funded by MFA Sweden.Prishtina, Kosovo
October 2019RWLSEE Chair attended Beijing +25 Regional Review expert consultationsSkopje, North Macedonia
October, 2019RWLSEE Chair attended Beijing +25 Regional Review meeting of CSOs & Beijing +25 UNECE Regional Review meeting of governmentsGeneva, Switzerland
October 26,  2019On the eve of the 19th anniversary of the UN SCRC1325 and WPS (Women Peace and Security Agenda), the RWLSEE along with UN Women holds “Regional Conference on Women Empowerment for a Peaceful Balkan’s and European Future, aiming to strengthen women participation in decision making, peace building and European Integration. Through intensive and forward-looking discussion in the conference, women expressed concerns about fragile peace and security in the Western Balkans, which continues to be threatened by weak democratic institutions, rule of law, corruption, low economic growth, ethnic division and distrust. The regional conference includes women representatives from state level, women MPs from the region, the RWLSEE Steering Committee members, representatives from CSO’s and international organizations, UN Women, EU and other UN agencies. Conference was funded Swedish Government.Tirana, Albania
October 27, 2019 ★ RWLSEE Steering Committee Meeting, funded by MFA Sweden.Tirana, Albania
November 2019RWLSEE Chair participated in the UN Women Conference on women and peace in North Africa and Middle EastTunis, North Africa
November 26, 2019On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the RWLSEE and UN Women is holding International Conference“Beijing+25: Regional Review for the Western Balkans”.  Calls for a meaningful support for women’s empowerment and gender equality in post conflict regions such as Western Balkans are necessary because women have shown to be peace drivers, very much needed in our region with fragile peace, unconsolidated democracy and new dangerous security challenges that threaten to harm the peace achievements of the past twenty years.  This conference is part of the Swedish Government supported longer-term initiative aiming to support peace-building efforts in Kosovo and the entire region of Western Balkans.Skopje, North Macedonia
November 27, 2019★ Annual Meeting of RWLSEE, funded by MFA Sweden. Strategic Plan for 2019-2022 and Annual workplan was unanimously adopted into this meeting.Skopje, North Macedonia
May 8, 2020Green light has been given after successful fundraising efforts for 1-year Project activities with Swedish Government and its Embassy in Kosovo. Awaiting official response by the Swedish Government.Stockholm, Sweden
Jyly 15, 202oLetter from the RWLSEE has been sent to the Brussels Dialogue facilitator and parties, EU, Kosovo and Serbia requesting a gender inclusive peace agreement and necessary equal participation of women in negotiating table in the Brussels Dialogue on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia hasPrishtina, Kosovo
July 15, 2020RWLSEE received response letter from EU assuring “No land swap” and gender inclusive agreement in the Brussels Dialogue from EU Special Representative for the Brussels Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Mr. Miroslav Lajcak.Prishtina, Kosovo

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