RWLSEE Declaration in support of Referendum in Macedonia on historic agreement resolving name issue, from Durres Conference, on 15 September 2018 Download



  • Reinforcing the historic agreement reached between Macedonia and Greece resolving the name dispute, as key achievement in establishing good neighborly relations between two countries and as contribution and stability in the region.
  • RWLSEE and other participants of the Durres Conference call on all citizens of Macedonia to massively participate in the referendum and vote in favor of the historic agreement on resolving the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece. Macedonians, Albanians and other citizens, this is a decisive moment for your responsible contribution for the statehood of Macedonia.
  • We emphasize that the voting in favor of this agreement will ensure integration of Macedonia in the EU and NATO, for the benefit of all citizens and the prosperity and wellbeing of the state.
  • By supporting the referendum, you are contributing to resolving one of the most important strategic issues of the region and helping advance peace and stability for all.
  • RWLSEE stays committed in support of Euro Atlantic Macedonia and emphasize that we women’s role should be central in achieving this goal.

Participants of the meeting included: Edita Tahiri, RWLSEE Chair/ Former Minister for Dialogue and Chief Negotiator, Kosovo; Gordana Sobol, RWL SEE Steering Committee Member/ Former MP and Chairwoman of the Mandate and Immunity Committee, Croatia; Sonja Biserko, RWLSEE Steering Committee Member/Director of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia; Eglantina Gjermeni, RWL SEE Steering Committee Member /Member of Parliament (MP), former Minister of Urban Development, Albania; Irina Pockova, RWL SEE Steering Committee  Member/ Chairperson of Women’s Chapter of SDA political party, Macedonia; Memnuna Zvizdić, RWLSEE Steering Committee Member, Executive Director “Žene Ženama”, Bosnia and Herzegovina ; Members of Parliament from Serbia: Gordana Čomić (DP); Nataša Mićić, MP and leader of LDP, RWLSEE Member, Serbia; Members of Parliament from Kosovo: Xhevahire Izmaku (PDK), Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli (PDK); Hykmete Bajrami (LDK); Time Kadrijaj (AAK), Diana Çekaj-Berisha, RWLSEE Coordinator, Arbresha Dedinja, RWLSEE Project Assistant.

RWLSEE is a unique regional women peacebuilding organization founded in 2006. Its mission is to empower women in peace processes and decision making in efforts of promoting peace, stability and European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the all six countries of Western Balkans. It holds that more women represented in the relevant peace and political processes brings better and more sustainable results. Its membership are high level women from politics, parliaments, governments and civil society from seven-member countries Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.

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